Gyp-Tec's Promise

Gyp-Tec strives to exceed customer expectations by being not necessarily the biggest, but definitely strives to be the most honest, most reliable and best organized drywall company in Medicine Hat with a reputation for quality workmanship and efficient scheduling at a competitive price.

A little bit about us…

Gyp-Tec commenced operations in June 2005 with 3 employees and some big plans. The owner Wayne Straub had been in the drywall business for over 20 years and was now ready to present his version of a drywall company to Medicine Hat. Making the decision to venture out on his own was not a decision that Wayne made lightly or easily. He looked back on his career and how he was seeing things be done all around him and put much thought and effort into developing a competitive strategy that he could be proud of.

Wayne will be the first to tell you that he attributes the majority of Gyp-Tec's success to his ability to surround himself with incredible people. It is his confidence in the abilities of the staff in the field that allow Wayne to guarantee you that anything done by Gyp-Tec is done right, is done efficiently and is done by some of the best people in the industry. By surrounding himself with strong, independent thinking and hard working staff, Wayne takes comfort in knowing that any of his people will make the decisions that need to be made to exceed the expectations of his clients.

Thanks to the people he has working with him, the customers he has served, the suppliers he has worked with and the community of Medicine Hat’s support; Gyp-Tec has become a force to be reckoned with. In the four short years since their commencement, Gyp-Tec has grown to employ over 90 employees and sub-contractors, a fleet of over 20 company vehicles and the ability to land some of the largest projects in Medicine Hat. Gyp-Tec has even begun expanding their client base to include all of Southern Alberta and even into Southern Saskatchewan.

Gyp-Tec is truly grateful for all that it has accomplished thus far but it looks forward to the future and its many possibilities. It would be hard to find a company more prepared for and focused on their future and the future of their community. Gyp-Tec realizes that in times of growth, it is not as difficult to expand your business but the mark of true success is a company’s ability to maintain its success for the long term – through the good times and through the not so good. To do this, one must work hard to build a reputation of great craftsmanship, honest pricing and efficient scheduling. Gyp-Tec believes it is on the right path to do this and hopes its many clients – past, present and future will agree. Gyp-Tec looks forward to serving and exceeding its customers expectations for years to come.